About us

Aim: Facilitating global education

MEC was formed in 2012 with a view of providing efficient education services through partnering with higher learning institutions. We are registered company with the patents and companies’ Registration Agency (PACRA) of the Government of the republic of Zambia. The company also seeks to be part of national development by sourcing scholarships for the vulnerable to attain higher education. Our current market targets are school leavers/undergraduates seeking bachelor's degree, college graduates and university graduates seeking masters degree and PHD, as well as Government sponsored students, in Zambia, Tanzania and Congo.

Our Services

International Education

We conduct exhibitions for immediate Admission on behalf of the institutes and universities in various African countries. We help colleges and universities in building their brand awareness through our School Contact Program. We also provide our partners with government sponsored students from different ministries, student exhibition are open for all.

Career Guidance

Our job does not begin with fostering tertiary education but guiding students right from high schools. We are open for career guidance invitations in both Zambian and Tanzanian schools. We promote empowerment through education, supporting student entrepreneurship and placements into various organizations after graduation.

Student Support

We also counsel students who seem to lack focus. We also arrange group bookings for students going to the same schools as well as accommodation. We arrange vacation tours with the assistance of universities during the holidays.